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V70 Climate Control (ECC) Blower Fix w Pix

V70 Climate Control (ECC) Blower

MVS Volvo Forums moderator abscate took the time to show us how he replaced his 1999 V70 Climate control (ECC) blower.

I pulled the glovebox and put pressure on the white fan connector and the fan started running. It runs at low speed, sounding like a sick whale, but with more pressure runs at full speed.

It looks like there is some wiring in the housing between the actual fan motor (80 USD from a MVS supporting-vendor) as opposed to the whole blower/cage/fan assembly (180 USD from same)

I don’t have time to troubleshoot so I ordered the whole cage and will report back some useful diagnostics so that others can diagnose motor vs motor/fan/cage problems.

V70 Climate Control (ECC) Blower Fix w Pix

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