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The Volvo 240 – Everything You Need to Know

So? What do you think of the Volvo 240 ?

The Volvo 240 and 260 series arrived in the fall of 1974, and were initially available as seven variations of the 240 Series (242L, 242DL, 242GT, 244DL, 244GL, 245L and 245DL) and two variations of the 260 Series (264DL and 264GL). The 240 Series was available in sedan (with two or four doors) or station wagon.

For decades, Volvo enthusiasts were gifted with a perfectly rectilinear, absolutely safe, and surprisingly affordable go-to automobile. The Volvo 200 series was never intended to ascend to iconic status, and some enthusiasts might be puzzled that such a dowdy, anti-styled, modestly-powered vehicle was able to rise to the much-adored status that it achieved.

But the passion for these Swedish bricks was kindled the day the first 240 rolled off the assembly line. Finally, there was a car for the practical and grounded drivers that was unique and capable.

The impact of the 200 Series—known more popularly as the 240—is undeniable. First a novelty, then a kind of anti-status status symbol, and finally a cult figure, this humble Volvo continues to be revered. People love the 240 both in stock form as well as modified with something a little more racy.

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With the newest Volvo 240 now 25 years old, and the earliest incarnations heading into their 40s, examples are starting to show up on the collector car radar. Easy to work on and with reliable, and simple mechanicals, the 200 family is lining up alongside similarly-sized Mercedes-Benz models of the same era as an inexpensive introduction to classic European ownership. According to our data, first-year coupes top out at $10,000 for a museum-quality piece, while wagons and sedans are thousands cheaper.

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