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Volvo 850 Seat Cushion Foam Replacement Tutorial

If you want to replace your Volvo 850 seat cushion, it can be a relatively simple job.
Volvo 850 GLE -1992- inside front
Credit: VonNortheim / CC BY-SA ( via Wikimedia Commons.

Eventually, the foam in your Volvo 850 seat cushion is going to break down. Professional replacement – either at your Volvo dealer, your preferred independent mechanic, or an upholstery shop, is likely to be pricey. With a little luck and skill, you might be able to fix it yourself like our friend here:

The driver’s seat foam in my Volvo 850 seat cushion had broken down to the point where it was very uncomfortable to drive. I investigated having the bottom seat cushion foam replaced at a local upholstery shop and found that the foam cushion itself sells for $250.00 without the heater element and, with labor, their estimate was “at least $600.”

As luck would have it, I found a guy parting out a couple of 850s and bought the passenger side foam from him for – I think – $35.00 shipped. Subsequent to that purchase I found that my driver’s side seat heater had burned out; and I was pleasantly surprised that the cushion came with a heater pad in good working order that I could use to replace it.

I purchased a passenger’s side cushion since the driver’s side foam and the passenger’s side foam are identical. I figured the passenger’s side would have less wear and tear than the driver’s side. This isn’t a huge job but it requires some patience.

850 seat cushion foam replacement.

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