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Volvo 940 Front brake job & fluid flush DIY

Let’s get this Front brake job & fluid flush DIY going

Volvo 940 Front brake job DIY tutorial - removing lug nuts

Front brake disc (rotor) replacement on the 940, with photographs. Can be used for all models.

Recommended tools:

  • one can of Brakleen
  • one can of PB Blaster
  • breaker bar
  • assorted sizes of six point sockets
  • hex head sockets
  • open end wrenches, preferably six point
  • universal joint
  • brake piston compressor tool
  • torque wrench
  • old paintbrush
  • brand-new turkey baster
  • a piece of sturdy wire
  • CRC brake grease
  • Motive brake bleeder
  • Motive catch bottle (worth springing for)
  • safety glasses
  • dust mask

1. First, practice safety. Park the car a level surface with the front wheel turned away from the side on which you will be working. Place into the park, and engage the emergency brake. Chock both rear wheels. As the front wheel was turned sideways, I also chocked the opposite front wheel to prevent rolling. I carefully jacked the car, watching the position of the jack on the frame as I raised the car. When in place, I lowered the car onto a securely placed jack stand, and use a second jack stand as well as the jack itself as a backup. Before I started work, I did a linebacker shove into the car to ensure it was sturdily placed.

Brake fluid will remove paint and is highly poisonous. Please follow the safety steps recommended by professionals.

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Frank Tedesco says:

Link will not open. Says query failed. Would really like to see how to replace brake pads, etc.

assuming you haven’t may have a blown brake lite bulb. I get the same on my 93 940 because my cyclops is busted

orange light comes on on a display evry time I step on a break. what should i do

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