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Are Volvo Jacks Dangerous?


Does the “safe” car company equip their automobiles with dangerous jacks?

MVS member mick_jenkins:

I was changing out rear brakes and I needed to jack my 2004 Volvo S60 so I could use my jack stand and this heap of hell gave out. Not a good design even when it was functional. I’m so grateful I can switch it out with something proper for times of an actual emergency. Really Volvo…not even a normal scissor jack? Anyway, beware of this medieval device, you can pick up normal jack for like 25 bucks. Sorry…I just had to vent.

MVS Contributor mrbrian200:

I caught somewhere starting next year IIHS no longer will give vehicles a 5-star safety rating if the headlamps aren’t up to snuff (too bright, too dim, or light spread/focus not good).

I think some of these OEM jacks/jack points which aren’t obvious to the average vehicle owner should probably be addressed as well. Though damage from a failed jack isn’t considered collision damage it nonetheless could result in insurance claims which is IIHS primary reason for existence. Not all used cars come with the printed owners manual to look this up in an emergency. In my experience 10 year old cars past 2 or 3 owners maybe half of them still have it.

My ’06 3 owner S60 had the manual. Sis’ ’03 2 owner XC90 did not. The top of the OEM jack that was in my S60 is bent a little out of shape with paint scratched up down the side which indicates to me a previous owner tried to use it, didn’t get it positioned properly and the car fell to the ground. There’s a gash in the paint under one of the doors where you can see the paint had been touched up in about the same spot where you ended up with a hole in your plastic trim. Because the flaw is down where you would never see it normally I’m not worried about it. But an actual hole there you probably will notice.

VRD: Instruments of Death P2 Volvo Jack

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