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Volvo S60 Battery Disconnected, Radio Now Front Only

Has your Volvo S60 battery been disconnected?
Une Volvo S60 au mondial de l’automobile de Paris en 2010.
Credit: Paris_-Mondial_de_l’automobile_2010Volvo_S60-_002.jpg: Thesupermat / CC BY-SA (

Volvo S60 Battery Disconnected?

I had to disconnect my Volvo S60 battery. When I reconnected it, only the front speakers for the stereo were working. The back and side speakers are silent.

I recently bought and installed an in-dash cup holder assembly for my wife’s s60R. Instructions dictated that I disconnect the battery as step 1. Upon completing the somewhat involved procedure to take out the storage compartment and replace it with the cup holder assembly, I reconnected the battery to find that the radio now only operates through the front dashboard speaker – the front and side speakers do not operate.

Security Self-Checking In S60 Radios

There is no such security in place on the AUM (Audio Module; i.e. the radio). On startup, the AUM polls the CEM and checks the Car Configuration File and Structure File; if the radio’s serial is in the CCF and the p/n’s in the Structure File match, it enables itself. The fact that it’s working means that there is no security problem.

S60R AWD 2006 battery disconnected radio now rear speakers don’t work
S60 Battery Disconnected

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