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Volvo S60 Regular Maintenance Tips

volvo s60 maintenance

Keep up to date on you s60 regular maintenance

Routine maintenance is an important part of owning your Volvo S60. It helps to keep your sedan on the road and ensure that it serves you and your family for years to come. Your Volvo S60 is put through a lot, from taking you to and from work each day to carting the kids to and from their soccer games, so it’s important to keep up with the maintenance schedule laid out by Volvo for your specific vehicle.

MVS Forum Member travljini asks:

So I’m a fairly new Volvo S60 AWD owner, an ’02 i purchased last year. I am used to driving old junkers most of my life, taking it down to Joe’s garage for oil change, radiator flush and various sundry things like that for your typical low end american made car.

now that i’m driving a more complicated car, for lack of a better word, I’m not sure what to do with the car other than do what the dealer tells me.

The dealer (not where I bought the vehicle) has this exhaustive mileage list of “sche’d maintenance” i.e., 37,500, 45,000, 52,500, 60,000.

Do folks actually follow this plan? I feel like i’m gonna go broke continuing to comply with their “recommended” maintenance schedule.

Can any of you help me out with a resource where I can maintain my car (I want to keep it, say, for the next 15 years 🙂 w/out getting suckered into exorbitant dealer costs?

MVS Forum Member Viper_7 replied:

If you plan to keep for 15 years etc..forget the dealers..find a good independant garage, easily half the costs for the same service – with original parts.

Those mileage quotes are also a little too often, depending on your driving/distance/stop start intervals etc…the indy will recommend a more “realistic” service scheduled…ie some sevices will simply be a fluid’s change, not the full overhall that volvo do.

however….Volvo DO replace/upgrade components without your knowlege that the independant dealer may have no knowlege of..and thus miss.
thye do this after much research/servicing’s..and life on the road…better to correct problems before the customer finds out than the customer coming in complaining about them later.

Give Volvo your VIN and you’d be suprised on the amound of work performed on the car – if done at volvo.


Volvo S60 Regular Maintenance Tips

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Do 2002 Volvo S60s typically require a lot of maintenance? I have one and it seems for the past few years, we have spent over $5000 on various maintenance issues. Is this normal? I have 1998 Honda Civic and it’s relatively maintenance free. Thanks.

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