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Volvo Shiftlock Release Button Stuck?

volvo shiftlock

Transmission – shiftlock override

Having issues with your Volvo shiftlock button? If the vehicle cannot be driven, for example because of a dead battery, the gear selector must be moved from the P position before the vehicle can be moved.

1. Lift away the rubber mat on the floor of the storage compartment behind the center console to expose the small opening for overriding the shiftlock system.
2. Insert the key blade into the opening. Press the key blade down as far as possible and keep it held down.
3. Move the gear selector from the P position. For information on the key blade, see Detachable key blade – general information.

MVS Forum Member 94850-99XC70 says:

Hi all,

The Shiftlock Release on my 99xc70 is stuck in the ‘on’ position. The car drives and shifts gears normally (even out of park), but the key will not come out of the ignition.

Any help would be appreciated.


MVS Forum Member CarVolvo replied:

Are you saying that you key is stuck in the ignition?

Is that release button besides the shifter knob have to be pressed down to make the knob move?

Can you be more specific?

MVS Forum Member 94850-99XC70 added:

Yes the key is stuck in the ignition. when the car is turned off, it is almost back at the Zero position, but it is not being allowed to fall completely back into position.

The car starts, and drives regularly, but I cannot remove the key from the ignition once I have shut off the car.

The shiftlock release button seems to be stuck in position, in has not sprung up from being depressed earlier today.

I may remove the console and see if there is a spring that has come loose.

Any other suggestions?

Shiftlock Release Button Stuck?

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