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All About Volvo Keyless Entry and Volvo Remote

Volvo Keyless Entry and Volvo Remote

Lets talk about the volvo keyless entry and volvo remote.

Volvo is pleased to announce the launch of the highly anticipated engine volvo remote start accessory. The Volvo Remote Start allows the driver to start the car by simply pushing a button sequence on their existing Volvo key fob. Now, the car can warm up or cool down to a desired temperature before the driver and passengers enter the vehicle.

The vehicle will heat or cool to the same temperature settings that were in place when the car was turned off. The car will run up to 15 minutes before shutting off making customers comfortable from the moment they enter the car ? whether it’s a frigid winter morning or a hot summer day.

MVS Forum Member calbrit01 asks:

My recent purchase didn’t come with volvo remote locking, well no key fobs anyway. Does anyone know if this was an optional extra, and if so how to locate the on-board control unit to see if I need to just order new remotes?
If no control unit, any recomendations as to a good after market unit?




MVS Forum Member Ozark Lee replied:

Although an option most of them will have the volvo remote option.

Assuming this is a North American car, the receiver is located directly to the right of the glove box. It is a “black box” that is roughly 3″x5″ and about 1 1/2″ thick.

1994 was a transition year on the remote system so I would suggest that you actually remove the glove box and determine the number on your receiver. The eBay sellers all claim that their remotes will cover all years of 850’s, they don’t. The early production ’94 receiver will have a FCC number CWT5654R number on it and its matching transmitter is the FCC number CWT5653T.

Since I don’t have one I’m not sure what the FCC number is on the later receiver, the one that is not the CWT5654R, but the transmitter for it is the CWTTFWB1G.

Buy the way, the transmitters work from a much further distance if you stick it under your chin when you press the button.


MVS Forum Member calbrit01 replied:

wow, great info thanks Lee. I am intrigued though. How does one find out that by placing the remote under your chin it increases the distance? What other experiments did you perform to arrive at this gem? 😀

MVS Forum Member Ozark Lee says:

I can’t claim any credit whatsoever for figuring it out in the first place. It has come up in numerous threads both here and on VSP. I always figured it was bunk however, when I tried it, in my case it was proven to be true.

The “unchinned” remote has a range of 10 ft or less whereas I get 30 ft or more by “chinning”. Go figure. 😀


All About Keyless Entry and Remotes

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