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Volvo Timing Belt Change w/ Related Parts

volvo timing belt change

MVS member KC95Turbo breaks down his volvo timing belt change.

Generally Volvo timing belt problems present themselves with no warning. There is no squeak that lets you know it is time. If your car ran fine and then the motor stopped suddenly with a clunk and won’t restart, it is likely your Volvo timing belt. The timing on the engine must be set exactly, or the valves and the pistons may collide, resulting in very expensive engine repairs. If your timing belt is broken, then make sure valve damage was not done before proceeding with the belt replacement. The service manual for your vehicle will let you know if your timing belt will or will not damage the valves.

MVS Forum Member KC95Turbo says:

I just got done with a LONG day of working on the Volvo. I feel like I got into a fist fight with the thing. Anyway, I replaced the Volvo timing belt, TB tensioner, TB Idler, TB roller, and waterpump while I was down there and thought I would share some pics and info on it incase you were about to do it. If anyone has questions then please ask and I will help with what I can.

Quick list of things I did in order to replace everything:
1. remove sparkplug cover
2. loosen 10mm bolt holding down the fuel lines down by turbo.
3. take out bolt holding the fuel lines up on top of motor.
3. take out 10mm bolts on the top timing cover, leave top timing cover on though!
4: lift coolant tank up and disconnect connector on bottom and put on top of motor, then take out 12mm bolt holding the main side timing cover and remove side timing cover.
5. turn serpentine belt tensioner and lock in a pin to hold it in place.
6. remove serpentine belt
7. remove the two 12 mm bolts holding down the serpentine belt tensioner and remove that.
8. Jack up car and support on stands
9. remove right front wheel
10. remove wheel well cover nut and fold back cover and clamp vise grips on it to hold it in place.

MVS Forum Member luketrash replied:

Good job! I didn’t replace anything but the Volvo timing belt when I did mine. I was too paranoid of an immediate water pump leak.. I seem to be prone to those, even using RTV on the threads of the bolts as well as the gaskets. So I left ‘working parts’ alone. One question: Did your cam pulleys have white marks on them at the appropriate spots? Mine did, and it made me curious if maybe someone had actually changed the belt at some point before I owned it.

Timing Belt Change with Related Parts

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