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What do Relays Do?

What do Relays Do?

A typical dash mounted switch is physically small and cannot connect to a large diameter wire so they run small wires. If you try to run small wires to the fog lights, they won’t be able to handle the current. They will overheat and (in my prior youthful experience) catch on fire under the dashboard.

The purpose of the relay is to be a remotely controlled switch that CAN connect to bigger wires. So the small dash switch commands the relay which flips a BIG switch.

So how about those Relays?

Fog Light Wires?

Bonus! Volvo Facts

They Care About Your Safety

  • There’s no reason to ever question if Volvo cares about you or not, they have a plan to keep all of their passengers safe from serious injury and death by 2020. That’s really their plan, and a very admirable one! The brand is also ahead of the pack when it comes to realizing self-driving cars, a step they believe will eliminate the possibility of injury inside their vehicles.

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Power windows not working. Replaced fuse and was only able to close moon roof after several tries. Lights on dash & headlights are dimming? Any suggestions????

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