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How to Fix a Broken Signal Arm

Do you have a Broken Signal Arm ?

Wiper control fixA week ago my car’s turn signal arm broke off. I ordered a part from Volvo Wholesale (which I found to be the cheapest site.) It cost me $80 for the unit, (because I had cruise control, which most people do).

Anyhow, a relatively easy fix. It didn’t take me long at all. I did “jimmy rig” a temporary fix for the signal as I was concerned about my safety (moreso how dumb other drivers can be…)
Here it is! Comments welcome.

How to Fix a Broken Signal Arm

Bonus! Volvo Facts

People Sing Their Praises (No Really!)

There are many hit songs out there which reference the brand. These include:

  • Marian Call, “The Volvo Song
  • Grynch, “My Volvo
  • Ian Felice, “Your Old Volvo
  • Eddie Meduza, “Volvo
  • Everclear, “Volvo Driving Soccer Mom

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Lorna Llewellyn says:

Several attempts to glue the arm, has left it not an easy reconnection

my turn singal arm broke can you tell me the steps I need to take to replace it I found a new one for $85.00 do I have to worry about the air bag,Thanks

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