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Which Brand Battery To Buy?

Which Brand Battery?


I am shopping for a new battery. Autozone Duralast Group 47 (or 48) battery is about $93.00! Is there a cheaper alternative? Duracell? Stock Volvo battery? Costco? Napa Gold International? Interstate? AGM? Everstart?

Your Battery Brand and Price

Bonus! 10 Interesting Volvo Facts

  • In Latin, the word Volvo means: I spin. Today however the nearest meaning is “I roll”.
  • Volvo was founded in 1924. The two founders were Gustav Larsson and Assar Gabrielsson.
  • The ÖV 4 is the first Volvo car. The first car was sell-ready in 1927. The 2-Liter, 4-cilinder car got the nickname: Jakob.
  • Volvo’s very first commercial vehicle was the Type-1 truck. The release year was 1928. In the same year, Volvo released the second car, the Volvo PV 651. Volvo manufactured a total of 1383 of both vehicles in the first year; of which automaker exported 27.
  • This trend saw a sharp rise in 1932 when Volvo released a good amount of 10,000 vehicles, both trucks and cars.
  • The company, however, started making a large-scale profit from the year 1935. The first luxurious car by Volvo was the PV36, which could carry six passengers at a time. The design of this iconic car paved the path for future Volvo cars to come. I came in the market with a price tag of 8,500 Swedish kronor.
  • Volvo touched a landmark in 1941, with the sale of its 50,000th vehicle; this is a unique achievement considering the time when WWII was in full swing.

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I replaced my battery on Volvo S60 T5 with OneTough Silver. I have never heard that brand, but mechanic said it’s the best one they carry and recommed for Volvo S60. It has 2 yrs warranty and it costs me $100 with installation. Should I be worried?”

It really doesn’t matter. I haven’t seen that much difference in what fails and most batteries are branded for the seller. There are not very many companies that manufacture batteries so don’t think that because it says Diehard it’s made BY Sears or Duralast is made by AutoZone. They are all made for them by a third party. Choose by cost, warranty and CCA (cold cranking amps). As for the warranty, remember not only how long it’s good for but what locations do they have to get it taken care of. Always SAVE THE RECEIPT! Don’t go cheap on a battery. Get one that matches or preferably exceeds the original. I’ve seen way too many people get a cheap one only to come back complaining that it won’t start their car when it gets really cold. It’s also a good thing to check when you’re buying a used car. Some places or people will toss in anything to get it sold, anything being the cheapest and you end up with a problem if it doesn’t have enough power.

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