XC90 Advice on Purchase Needed

Buying a Volvo XC90 takes patience and knowledge. Here are some tips.

Volvo XC90

MVS Forums member dosbricks gets great advice on buying a Volvo XC90:

The P80 forum is my hangout, but I’m posting here seeking guidance from those experienced with these SUVs because my wife and I are starting to peruse them as we consider something newer.

This one has very low miles, but accordingly is a bit pricy for an ’04. It is 2.5T but doesn’t say if it is AWD–something we neither want or need in our climate, so FWD is the first criteria. We plan to look at it tomorrow morning just to see if the entrance/egress is good for our senior selves.

As a side note, I still do the upkeep and repair on our 850 and S70–both of which we’ve owned for 16 years, so the 2.4 is very familiar to me. I do realize the newer 2.5T is a more complicated engine than our NAs.

’04 XC90 Advice regarding purchase of this vehicle