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XC90 READ Assembly … $2,450 to fix?

Check out the XC90 READ Assembly

XC90 3.2 engine

MVS Volvo Forums member Hobbs got a quote for almost $2500 to fix his XC90’s READ assembly. MVS Forums Contributor and all-around Volvo ninja jimmy57 explains what the READ assembly is, why it’s important, and what it does in XC90s.

Rear Engine Ancillary Drive, READ, is the gearbox on side of engine that links crankshaft to the camshaft drive chain and drives the alternator and the serpentine belt that runs a/c compressor, water pump, and power steering pump.

The bearing will get worse and the metal coming from failing bearing can be damaging to the engine. XC90 READ Assembly

XC90 “Reed Assembly” … $2,450 to fix?

More About The Volvo XC90

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past 12 months I want to make one thing very clear: the Volvo car company has returned with a vengeance. Back in 2010, as the world’s economic outlook migrated from bad to really bad, Ford sold Volvo to Geely Automobile of China for just under $2 billion. Any automotive analyst claiming he expected a triumphant Volvo return 5 years later is lying. Most industry experts thought a best-case scenario might see Volvo hanging on to its reputation for safety as it transformed into a Chinese-centric brand with minimal global cachet. Worst-case scenarios had Volvo completely losing itself under radically-altered business priorities dictated by non-western managers. What actually happened was a massive cash infusion from a largely hands-off parent company. Volvo was quickly transformed from a financially-challenged automaker to a financially-flush automaker, with the carmaker’s leaders in Sweden free to invest the funds wisely.

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