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850 Headlight Lens replacement


This is an easy-to-follow writeup on 850 HEADLIGHT LENS REPLACEMENT. How to replace the headlight lens on a Volvo 850.


Replacing headlight lens on a 1994 850

This is my first write-up. I’m picking the easiest thing to write about so I don’t mess it up somewhere.

Ok, so my front passenger side headlight lens has a lot of cracks in it. [In a NY accent] ‘Whatz the big deal, ‘aam sure it would have laasted another 10 yeers’ [/End accent]. Well, until I realized that I can replace just the lens for the cost about $30. There goes my excuse for waiting another decade.

I ordered the thing and went straight to the Internet for instructions (seems like I can’t do anything w/o instructions anymore) I saw some posts telling me that for certain models of my car I’ll need to take off either the bumper or at least remove the whole headlight assembly. What? Is it that hard? Come on, it’s just the lens!

I then went about to find another way that involves no ratcheting (not saying this is better or worse, but for me it’s just easier):

First, take off the side signal assembly. This is only held in place by a small spring with a clip-on hook. It’ll help if your hand is nimble and there’s a lot of light, but it’s otherwise pretty easy (you’ll have to do, anyway, it if you ever replace the signal bulb, by the way).

Then take off the mini-bumper right below the headlight. This thing is held in place by a series of clips, some with a little hook backward (like in a fishhook). You can easily spread open the clip with a bent-nose pair of pliers like I did. Or if you’re into brute force, yanking it out seems to work too (no real damage as far as I can see). Of course, as with everything else in life, try the gentler way if you can

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Looking for a replacement blinker lens only for passenger side of a 1997 850. Please help!! Thank you.

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