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98 V70 T5 Replacing the Coolant Hoses in Pics

failed coolant hose

Here’s a killer DIY for replacing the coolant hoses on a 98 V70 T5, by MVS Forums contributor songzunhuang. With photos. This will be similar or identical across all P80 high pressure turbo Volvos. That means Volvo 850, S70, V70, C70 (first generation) models with “Turbo” badges, or with “T5” badges, and V70 R cars. These cars had 222-261 horsepower, and were the top trim range within their respective model range. This excludes N/A or LPT cars, meaning XC70 and cars that have “GLT” badges, or no badges at all. Confused yet?

If you need to buy coolant hoses, a good corollary to this coolant hose replacement DIY is Coolant Hoses: Rubber or Silicone?


So my car blew a coolant hose when I drove into my driveway the day before my Thanksgiving trip! If it’s gonna blow, this is the perfect place. I took another car and spent the holidays wondering about replacing the hoses. After tons of reading on this forum, I still can’t find a post that has pictures of all the hoses to replace. I read a most excellent post that listed the 6 hoses with part numbers.


You’ll want to remove your air cleaner box and also the duct pointing to the front part of the car. The air cleaner is set in with some tabs into a rubber retainer. Just pull up and to the passenger side to get it out. There were a few connections that need to be removed as well. Finally, tie the accordion air duct out of the way so that you’ll have a clear view. They are already out in this picture. I just highlighted where these parts used to be. It really opens up the area.

Standing on the driver side, you can look are clearly see the large hose (lower radiator hose) where it connects to the neck into the engine block. You can also see where the heater hoses go into the firewall. The Lower radiator hose is not too hard to access at this point. Loosen the clamp (above the yellow arrow in the picture) and pull it off. The other end is on the bottom of the radiator on the driver side. You’ll have to remove the lower engine cover plastic to get access to that.

Coolant Hoses Required

In summary, I hope that this post provides some clarity for those who are wondering about replacing all their hoses. Here’s a quick description of where they all are. Along with the pictures I posted, you should understand where they are now. (Along with their cost $-$$$)

  1. Upper Radiator hose – passenger side from top of radiator to the thermostat neck. Easy to see. $
  2. Lower Radiator hose – Driver side at bottom of radiator to engine (see my pictures). $$
  3. Turbo Return hose – back side of engine on passenger side. It’s only about 3 inches long. $
  4. Turbo feed coolant hose – See my last picture in this post. It’s down in there. $
  5. Upper Heater Hose – firewall into nipple at engine block (See last pic in this post) $$$
  6. Lower Heater Hose – firewall into metal coolant line (See last pic in this post) $$

98 V70 T5 Replacing the Coolant Hoses in Pics

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Samuel Burt says:

I bought a 96 960 great car never a overheat.Last week noticed two cracks in radiator no rise on temp gauge ,unfamiliar. With system I topped off tank.Still no rise on gauge drove approx. 5 miles engine shut down after losing g power.Went to forum and saw a pressure cap is on tank.I replaced radiator and cap and upperhose extreme pressure,engine in red on gauge coolant is blowing out pressure tank when I remove gap 22 bar.also oil in t.body

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