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2000 V70R – AWD Fuel Pump And Ejector

MVS Volvo Forums contributor scot850 ponders life and Volvo AWD Volvo fuel pump theory while working on his AWD 2000 V70 R. A handful of others chime in to draw a picture of how the system works. Many photos included in this thread.

Well it is time for me to be schooled! I have been told that the 99-00 AWD cars had 2 fuel pumps. I will now post pictures of the 2 items just replaced on my car, and then perhaps someone can point to me where I am not seeing a pump mechanism on the LH ejector.

So below are various pictures of the RH fuel pump. This has 2 pipes on the cover plate. The RH one looking at the top connects to a pipe on the LH side ejector ‘pump’. The LH pipe goes to the fuel filter and then onto the front of the car and engine. See picture RH pump (5).


So if anyone can now explain to me where the 2nd pump is, please add notes below. I’m always wanting to learn! Also, now if someone can explain to me why the ejector ‘pump’ is about 20% more expensive than the main pump assembly, again, let me know.


Strangely the pump is the cheaper of the two. I purchased from Tasca from whom I purchase most of my part in the US. If I recall, the pump was about $330 and the ejector about $370. So about $700 for both parts. The price may be different for a 98 as the system was a little different, and I don’t pay any US taxes. Just checked on Vida and looks like the pump and ejector are the same for 850AWD to 2000 V70 AWD of all variants.

Pictures of the ‘Ejector’ pump (?) as I was told it was. But looking at it now, I am struggling to see any form of pump in the assembly. All I see is a fuel filter, a level sensor, and an ‘In’ and ‘out’ pipe.

Neil – amazing thread with your subframe removal saga. Incredibly impressive effort.

Over on v70r I have all the bushings listed in a thread as well as all of the various poly replacements that were from older RWD models if you ever need that info for the future. Additionally another member had a few sets of custom bushings made for the two sets where no poly alternative exists. He and I have installed these on our spare subframes (but I haven’t tackled putting it all together yet and doing the R&R).
We also have both drilled out the rear diff ‘weep hole’ and added the updated angle gear vent there. Hopefully that helps in terms of longevity.

Big Will

I dont know If this will help anybody but if you find a s/v40 turbo 96-99 you can take the fuelpump because it is the same walbro grj235.
I did it today! You only have to switch the small filter at the inlet and remove an strange rubber cover on s/v40 pump. After that it fits like the original pump in the casing.

Remember to not use to much force! Much plastic everywhere!


2000 V70R – AWD Fuel pump and ejector

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