Pre-2001 Volvo XC70 AWD Drive Shaft Removal

XC70 driveshaft removalFrom reading this and other forums, lots of people are running former AWD cars w/o the driveshaft. The actual driveshaft unbolts from the angle gear and the viscous coupling at two flexible couplings. Here is a picture of mine at the rear. The front coupling is identical.

1. Remove two bolts from center exhaust hanger that hold the center bearing support in place. You may have to loosen (or remove) the support itself from the body, four bolts.

2. Remove six 6mm allen-head cap screws from the front and rear “flanges” of the drive shaft.

3. Sharp raps on the rear flange (the rusty part in the image previous to this post) until the rear of the shaft falls free.

4. Remove shaft to the rear of the vehicle.

98 v70 xc drive shaft removal

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  1. Just did this to a ’99 V70 XC. Not planning on keeping it FWD long though, just long enough to order a new driveshaft. Anyway, couple quick notes…

    First, a 6mm hex key is great to break the CV joint bolts loose, but I’d highly recommend a 6mm hex bit socket to remove them (I didn’t have one, now my fingers and forearms are killing me).

    B.) The 4 exhaust hanger support bolts and the 2 bearing mount bolts are 12mm.

    III.) Not mentioned in this tutorial, but saw someone post issues in the forums with getting to the CV bolts. Take out the 3 bottom bolts from both ends. (Assuming the car is on a frame lift, or on 4 jack stands…) Put the car in neutral and rotate the drive shaft to get to the other 3 on both ends (put it back in park before trying to remove bolts).

  2. Did it on my 2000 V70XC today. Found the front joint is sticky in some position. Maybe internal seal broken. All 6 bolts come out with dirty grease. It was causing big vibration at 15 to 20mph and other noises.

    Add one thing: get a 6mm hex 1/4″ socket. If cannot found one, at lease use a very good 6mm hex driver bit (NOT 1/4″ one) with a 1/4″ socket. All most all screw driver combo only comes with 1/4″ hex bit. I finally find a pretty good one in Homedepot Husky 65pcs combo toolbox.

    Don’t trust those common 6mm Allen hex key. I was almost bite by it today.

  3. Matt – on upper left side of your picture there is a mount that should have a rubber or other flexible donut in it. On my car it is completely gone. Did you replace it when you removed/replaced the drive shaft?
    Thanks, Dirk

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