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Volvo Maintenance Schedules

Volvo Maintenance Schedules

We all know where to get the real scoop on what to do to your Volvo and when — the MVS Volvo Forum — but what is Volvo’s official position? And should you trust it? Remember, they infamously said the 850’s transmission fluid was a non-service item item (read: permanent) in the maintenance schedule, which was echoed around the world by dealers’ shops.

In short, here: [edit: nope, it’s changed again]

But as I’ve seen that URL change over the last decade, so it may not work one day. In the interest of preserving some maintenance schedules at constant URLs, I’ve put some on MVS. It’s not an exhaustive list going back decades, sorry. But it’s got 2002-2008. In other words, ALL MODELS are covered in Volvo’s Maintenance Schedules for 2003 through 2008. Why they changed it I can’t say. Some just liked it better that way.


The maintenance schedule for the V 50 2.4i that is. Thanks Also could you please inform me of any short comings, recalls, problems of the V 50 2.4i. We are looking to purchase one and want to know what to look for or be wary of.


Could you please send or publish the maintenance schedule for the 2010 V 50 ?

Andreas Soulis says:

I have a volvo s40 model 2008/2009. I don’t have maintenence schedules. Can you please send me the maintenence schedule?

Best regards,

Andreas Soulis

Please advise whether a “Maintenance Service Operations All 2002 Models” is available. If not, will there be a major difference between the 2003 and the 2002 models concerning the service operations.
The topical car is a V40 1,8 2002 manual transmission.
Await your answer.

jon chapman says:

I own a 2004 XC90 with 246Kmiles. still runs well. Had breather box done in May. what is the recommended service at this time?

Sasha Radosavljevic says:

What Castrol EDGE oil is recomended for S60 D5 120kW engine ?
In one official Volvo service they poured Castrol EDGE sport 0w40 two times, but in other they offer 5w30, 5w40, 10w60 ! What is the best choice ?
It seems that Volvo recomended Castrol SLX R-tec 0w30 and SLX Long Tec 0w30 are not more in production.

At this moment I am going to do my breakfast, when having my breakfast coming yet again to
read additional news.

Jorge Escardo says:

I have Volvo S40 model 2008/2009 and i havent Volvo Maintenance Schedules, you pls send me the maintenance schedules for my car.


Jorge Escardo

casimir Foko Djoyo says:

I have a lorry Volvo F12 powered by D12A420 Ec 96 engine. I want to have parts catalog to order some broken parts in this engine. Please i need your help.
Best regards.
Casimir Foko

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