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How To Rebuild Head: Most 5-Cylinder Volvos

Learn How To Rebuild Head

How To Rebuild Head: Most 5-Cylinder Volvos

Volvo Forums contributor rspi shows us — literally, it’s a video — how to rebuild the head of most 5-cylinder Volvos.

This video will show how I rebuild the heads on the motors I fix. Valve stem seals and all. This will apply to over head cam motors but the video was made from a Volvo S70 NA head.

How to rebuild the head on your Volvo 850, S70, etc.

Bonus – History Of The Volvo 5 Cylinder

Volvo’s history is intrinsically intertwined with the Volvo 5 cylinder engine. More than any other auto maker (besides maybe Audi), Volvo’s name has become almost synonymous with this rather idiosyncratic engine over the last 30 years. At the time, it was a perfect compromise between the 6-cylinder’s power and the 4-cylinders size and efficiency.Of course, time soldiers on and today we’ve got 4-cylinder engines that put out 6-cylinder power with great efficiency, leaving the 5-cylinder to the history books.

In 2012, Volvo announced they would cease producing the 5-cylinder, opting instead for the smaller 4.

Let’s look back at the history of Volvo’s 5-cylinder engine, where it came from, and delve a little more into why this peculiar engine flourished for so long.

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