P3 XC70 Dog Taxi LOL

P3 Volvo XC70 with "DOGTAXI" license plate

My friend in Santa Fe, New Mexico, checking out a P3 XC70 Volvo wagon (see P2 or P3 XC70? for more) with “DOGTAXI” on the plates! And a Sweden flag sticker. Awesome!

GSP and FEB Axles = Bad Experience

Night #1: Pickup Full Axle from Advanced Auto (GSP) for $100.00 Installed in under 60 minutes. Once on the highway I noticed a bit of a vibration between 50-60 when approaching WOT. Night #2: Pickup Full Axle from CarQuest (FEB) for $120.00 Installed in 90 minutes since the C clip in the GSP was in […]

V70, 850 Wagon Spoiler Removal Instructions

Thanks to Robert for sending this in to me just now. It’s a PDF document in Swedish and English on how to remove and replace the spoiler on Volvo’s “Gen 1” wagons. Excerpt: Applies to spoilers with brake lights Figure A applies only to 855 – Remove brake tight cover (1) by clamping over together […]

Pricing for rebuilding an 850 n/a trans

How much should a New Transmission Job Cost? Figure $2000 to $3000 depending on what you need. If you purchased the car for $1000 just put a guaranteed used trans in it . They sell for about $600 and to put it in shoudl cost you $250 to $300. You will have to find an […]

Volvo V70 Front Strut Replacement Supplement

Replacing Front Struts – And More Here’s a superb supplement for working on Volvo front suspensions. These tips/tricks should make the job much easier for novices and veterans alike. It applies to all generation 1 FWD Volvos: 850, V70, S70, V70 XC and C70. It’s even close enough to the second generation (“P2”) Volvos that […]

The I Worked on My Car Today Thread

A Day in the Life Member Whoa and moderator Justin opine about what work they did today to their Volvos. From clear-coating tail lights to Seafoaming the engine, these guys go over a typical Saturday in the life of a Volvo DIY’er. The I Worked on My Car Today Thread

PCV System Repair on a Volvo 5-cylinder

PCV System Cleaning Tutorial w/ Pics This tutorial will help you clean the PCV system on your 1993-2000 5-cylinder Volvo engine. Keep in mind that this is focused on a later-generation Turbo model (I have a 1998 S70 T5), there will be some differences between each year and depending whether yours is a N/A or […]

Volvo XC90 Front Brake Job

Volvo Rotor Diy

MVS Contributor stone36 documents his Volvo XC90 brake job! »  So I did my front brakes yesterday, attached is my write up on the process. If anyone has questions let me know, I am happy to revise if this doesn’t make sense. I also used the Motive pressure bleeder system to flush the break fluid. It was […]

Car Alignment Tricks Using Common Tools

DIY Alignment 1. Start by attaching Carpenter Square to Carpenter Level using Zip Ties. 2. Using a brick approx. 24 cm tall for support, measurements are made at “equator” of tires. Use a chalk to mark the tires where measurements are made. 3. Set Steering Wheel Straight. 4. Track widths for FRONT and REAR tracks […]