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850 N/A Throttleplate Modifications

Let’s talk 850 N/A Throttleplate Modifications

S70 Throttle mechanism

Easy way to check is the diameter of the TB. NA 850s and the 960 have a 65mm throttle plate. If the S70 is the same then you’re in business. Any 960 throttle plate should work.

Ben850 » I’ve collected a couple 850 N/A throttle bodies and a few throttle plates over the months I’ve been pulling parts. I did this mostly in case of mistakes, and to be sure I had the right parts. I figured I would eventually do this modification.

Last week I found a ’94 with VVIS like my ’93 So the throttle body had the same vacuum attachments as mine. I brought that home, but never came across a 960 donor throttle plate. The extra throttle body was in case I did’nt like the mod, my original one is still in tact.

So I had a couple throttle plates to experiment with. Luckily I took my time and did a pretty good job of hand filing the obstructive area. I actually used a hand file that I had previously used to finish Formica edges. It was a little time consuming, less than two hours, but no mistakes.

So I did the battery disconnect reset and drove about twenty miles, city and highway. It felt like the ECU had learned the new setup by then.
What I can say, is that it has given it a consistent throttle feel whithout the flat spots it had before.
And my early N/A , having the VVIS manifold, had extremely noticeable peaks and valleys in the powerband.
It’s almost like a normal car now, ha.

Anyway I was never in a rush to do this mod, but I am not disappointed. I see no problems with it.
Have Fun.Replaced a few vacuum lines while I was there.Replaced a few vacuum lines while I was there.VVIS type with vacuum tubes.VVIS type with vacuum tubes.This is all the material that was needed to be removed.This is all the material that was needed to be removed.I tapered the leading edge smoothlyI tapered the leading edge smoothlyI seem to be doing a lot of things manually lately.I seem to be doing a lot of things manually lately.

850 N/A Throttle Plate Modification

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