XC90 (5 cylinder): Solenoid Causing Weak AC

XC90 Ac Problem Solenoid Fix -

The Volvo XC90 (5 cylinder) is a first generation mid size luxury crossover SUV. It was first made and marketed in 2002 and was sold globally with great fanfare. The car did perform well but over the next decade, there were varied complaints about the AC. The production of this car ended in 2014 but […]

AC Parts & Components in Volvos


Here are the major AC Parts & Components in Volvos. Here are photos and descriptions from the eEuroparts catalog. All these are covered in detail on eEuro’s outstanding AC components page. Moving off the clutch gap and recharging low refrigerant procedures, which themselves are absolutely viable “low-hanging fruit” AC possible fixes for your Volvo air conditioning problems, […]

AC Overcharged, Undercharged? Forget It, Jake. It’s the Gap.

Why Does Ac Blow Warm -

I don’t want to make another blows cold then blows warm* post, because there are several of those already, but I do want to highlight Volvo DIY wizard Jimmy57’s explanation on this AC clutch gap problem, because it’s perfect. * undercharged, overcharged, or just right — doesn’t matter Let’s start with the question: ThreeBear, new […]

DIY: 2005 XC90 Heater Core Replacement

2005 XC90 Heater Core DIY

Overview CN90 continues his documented DIY tear with this fine 2005 XC90 Heater Core Replacement piece. The cabin heater in his XC90 was blowing lukewarm air. Now it’s hot again. UPDATE, outside temp today was in 32F. Normally, it is lukewarm with the OLD heater core. With this brand-new Heater Core, it is so HOT […]

DIY: 1998 Volvo S70 GLT Heater Core, Heater Hoses

We have several heater core / hoses documented repairs, but this guide by CN90 is so good there’s no sense in not including it. It’s really good. Here’s a few related posts: Swedish Car Parts Heater Core Review heater core junction block bypass DIY Volvo S80 heater core DIY? In the thread below, songzunhuang discussed replacing the […]

AC Mildew Smell – How to Eliminate It

oragex posts a video detailing how to get rid of AC mildew smell in Volvos. This particular Volvo in the video is a P2 Volvo, but the concept applies to all models. MVS member aewoodhouse: Cranked up the A/C for the first time on my recently purchased V70XC and, although it works well, the smell […]

DIY Replace Tensioner / Idler / AC Clutch / Guide Pin V70 2010

MVS Forums Contributor pierremcalpine cranks out a detailed, 2800-word DIY on replacing the tensioner, idler, AC clutch and guide pin on 2010 V70 cars. This will work as a guide for all P3 Volvos, possibly with the exception of diesel models. This outstanding downloadable PDF covers parts you need with part numbers, tools you need, and […]

Stage 0 and So Much More… Fix List for a V70

MVS Contributor Sledddriver goes on an multi-month blistering repair & fix odyssey, taking his 1998 V70 T5 from the edge of roadworthiness to 100% functional and reliable… all for not even $1000.  This is Stage 0 and way, way more. Following up on Tryingbe’s theme [of restoring to 100% a P80 Volvo], here’s a list of sled-work […]

Pin Outs On A 2000 ECC Motor Calibration

Is your Volvo’s climate control clicking from the dash when you adjust the cabin temperature? If so, it could be the blend motor. Blend motor = ECC motor = the thing that blends hot and cold air to give you that perfect 70 degrees from the vents. If Your Climate Clicks… The clicking means it’s at […]

2006 XC70 AC Problem – Leak in Condensor

MVS Contributor IdahoBob has an AC problem with his XC70. He tried charging it, no luck. His XC70 developed a small leak in the AC condensor. IdahoBob: My ’06 XC70 developed a small leak in the AC condensor. I installed a new, aftermarket (Chinese) condensor, and then took the car to the local Volvo guy. He charged […]