P2 Squeaky Armrest Fix

P2 Squeaky Armrest Fix

Longtime MVS Contributor Oragex serves up a simple fix for an annoying problem. If you have a squeaky armrest — center armrest — in your P2 Volvo, this is 1.5 minutes of your time that I think you’ll agree is well spent. P2 Squeaky Armrest Fix

S80 Seat memory behaving oddly

Seat memory Q: 850TurboTurtle » Anyone with seat memory skills? When I purchased my 06 S80 a few months ago memory 1 was the only one working. Then that stopped and it switched to mem 2 works for seats and mirrors, and 3 works for seat only. The key fob memory (where it resets to… Read the full article…

Remove/Install Third Row Seat – Volvo 850 Wagon

– Remove the plastic trim “cap” near the middle (#2) seat belt attachment, where the second row seat latches in. The cap has a long thick tab behind it and is a minor PITA to remove. Lift out slightly on the rear trim edge, then rotate the cap toward the engine and slide it forward slightly as you turn, and the cap will pop out. This gives you access to the mounting bolt for the second seat belt anchor, at the wheel well.

XC90 Wet Carpet

MVS Forums member VFLXC90 had a wet carpet disaster in his XC90. This is how he tracked it down and fixed it. The XC 90 had wet carpet this summer. I youtubed the sunroof drain fix. The drains were clear? The carpet was soaked. When I ran the A/C the condensation wasn’t dripping out under… Read the full article…

V70, S70, XC70 Door Vinyl Fix

This is a write up of my solution to the ugly door panels that the 98-00 Volvo’s suffer from. It may not be for everyone and improvements to this method are welcome and wanted.

Many of us have this in our cars.

The manufacturing process failed to completely adhere the vinyl to the foam in a few places and when the vinyl began to shrink from heat and age, it pulled away from the contours of the panel and the foam glued to the fiberboard.