The Weird and Rare Cream Yellow S40/V40

First Generation S40 In Cream Yellow -

I spotted this a few days ago here in Denver. It’s a Cream Yellow first generation S40. So what, right? Well, kinda. I’m sitting here writing about it only because of its paint… Cream Yellow Volvo (color code 607… maybe).  The awesome 1995 Volvo 850 T-5R made Cream Yellow famous because of its extremely low production/import numbers, […]

Cream Yellow 850 T-5R Volvos & Paint Code

Volvo Cream Yellow T5 R paint code 607

Cream Yellow 850 T-5R Facts Yellow 850 T-5R paint is Volvo paint code 607. If the product plate doesn’t have 607 on it, it’s not a yellow T-5R. Cream yellow was only used in model year 1995 for the Volvo 850 line, and only on the T-5R variant. 364 sedans imported to the United States, […]

How to Clean the Engine Compartment of Your Volvo

Meguiar's D10801 Super Degreaser

With summer in full swing, we tend to find ourselves outside washing our Volvos (and hopefully avoiding hated swirl marks). Secondary (to me anyway) is the interior… vacuuming and miscellaneous interior car cleaning. A distant third on the list is cleaning the engine compartment. Very distant. I often don’t even make it to interior. So […]

Koni Sport Peeling Paint

MVS Forums member RussB reports peeling paint on his Koni Sport struts after just over a year of use. Hmm. “The KONI Sport yellow dampers are produced in Oud Beijerland, NL. Each country has its own regulations regarding paints, specifically regarding the removal of solvents and using water based paints, which can present adhesion and […]

850: Well Bought, Well Restored to Stage 0

This is the first time I have worked on anything other than a Japanese vehicle, so the repair wasn’t without a learning curve. Now I am more prepared for the work I still have remaining. Finally I used some scratch remover and wax and finished cleaning up the outside. I can’t believe how nicely the […]

Long Term Ownership Opinion of a 2000 S80

Are Older S80’s “Lemons”? My mother-in-law used to sell Volvos, and my wife was impressed by the Volvo safety record, so we were originally very favorably disposed toward Volvo and they had an opportunity to have a customer for life, but as you might imagine, we would be hard pressed to pay top dollar for […]

I bought Meguiar’s Clay Bar Kit and love it

Review: Meguiar’s Smooth Surface Clay Kit If you’ve ever run your had across your hood after you’ve washed your car and felt tiny bumps, removing those is what the bar does. This kit comes with two clay bars and a spray that acts as a lubricant as you move the clay bar over the surface. […]

How to Save Money Having Your Car Painted

We did all of the prep work ourselves including scraping out the rust, bondo it over, priming our repair spots, removing all trim, and delivering the vehicle essentially ready to mask off the glass and paint. At that point, Maaco did a darn fine job for just under $1K. Of course, then we had to […]

Which Volvos Got No Clearcoat?

850R Has No Clearcoat?! Isn’t a high-end car such as an 850R supposed to have clearcoat over the paint? Wasn’t this a standard practice on expensive cars in the 1990s? The answer is “Apparently Not”. 850R Sedan with no clearcoat

How to avoid/remove swirl marks?

Swirl Marks

How to Avoid Swirl Marks And how to get rid of them once your Volvo has them If you have a darker paint and you’re like many of us, you’ve probably looked at the finish of your car and seen microscopic scratches that form a halo around the reflection of the sun. Those are called […]