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The Weird and Rare Cream Yellow S40/V40

Wow, how about this Weird and Rare Cream Yellow S40/V40 !

I spotted this a few days ago here in Denver. It’s a Cream Yellow first generation S40. So what, right? Well, kinda.

I’m sitting here writing about it only because of its paint… Cream Yellow Volvo (color code 607… maybe). 

The awesome 1995 Volvo 850 T-5R made Cream Yellow famous because of its extremely low production/import numbers, namely 2537 worldwide and 413 imported to North America.

Update Jan. 24: apparently it’s Panama Yellow, Volvo paint code 248. Thanks to Rick in the forum.

So What’s With the Cream Yellow S/V40?

No other Vovos could boast of this pretty color until sometime in the run of 2000-2004 S40 and V40 siblings. I’m not even sure it’s the same color code 607 on these cars because no paint lists I read through name it. No other Volvos have this color besides the T-5R and these odd 40 twins.

I’ve seen a handful of these before, but never had my phone ready until now.

First Generation S40 In Cream Yellow 1 -

Does it make these S/V40s more valuable? Almost certainly not. It’s just one of those automotive mysteries that make cars so fun as a hobby. If you have insight on this, please let me know what you know in the comments below or an email.

Would you be seen in the The Weird and Rare Cream Yellow S40/V40 ?

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