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Diagnose/Fix Volvo Suspension Sounds

volvo suspension

Looking to pin point that annoying sound? Take a closer look at your suspension.

If you plan to really use your older Volvo changes to the suspension are needed. Volvo was slow to make the transition to modern handling. Reviewers of Volvos agreed that they were typically too high off the ground and had excessive roll in corners – and those were contemporary reviews comparing Volvos to other cars. These were characteristics that were fine for rough winter roads in Sweden, but not the most appropriate for driving conditions in the US. Today, with faster traffic speeds, improving the suspension is an even more important safety issue. Volvo suspension components are designed to bring modern handling to older Volvos and are a necessary part of any performance package. Progressive rate suspension springs are a significant advancement over other spring sets offered. Combined with appropriate lowering of the vehicle, attention to suspension bushings, shock absorbers, and sway bars where necessary, the handling of a Volvo can truly be transformed.

MVS Forum Member Family Guy asks:

We own a 1999 S70. Recently there has been a knocking when going over rough road at low speeds. It sounds like the knocking comes from the front right side of the car. The sound does not occur when traveling down the highway but it prevelent when traveling slowly. There is also uneven wear of the front right tire. It looks like it’s ready to be replaced while the other 3 tires look great.

I tend to think that it’s a bushing somewhere that needs replacing.

Any ideas?



MVS Forum Member MadeInJapan replied:

If the tire is wearing on that corner while not on others and that’s the location of the knocking, I would suspect a bad tie rod end. I bought a replacement for my 850 several years ago from but on that car, I had to replace the entire A-arm (triangular looking thing). Fortunately, you’re car probably only needs the end. But you should check your specific model to make sure.
A good test is to lift the tire car on that side slightly and grab the tire and see if you can turn it at the 3:00 and 9:00 position. It should not turn.
Another good place that may give you some answers (although not the cheapest) is here: … RootID=629
Least expensive parts place as well as great service has been fcpgroton but I’ve never bought suspension parts from them. Specifically for your car, here’s a link to their suspension parts.

Diagnose/Fix Suspension Sounds


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