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Door Lock Module Replacement Tips

Check out these Door Lock Module Replacement Tips

The car appears to think the driver’s door is always open. I did a search and it sounds like the switch is integral with the latch…

“Okay, just finished this up today. A couple of comments:

1. I believe the problem was not with the switch, but was due to wear in the part that presses on the switch. It looked like the part was no longer pushing hard enough on the switch to activate it. If I had not already ordered a new assembly and had it in hand I would have been willing to put a dab of something in there to take up the gap (JB Weld, epoxy, etc…) and I bet that would have worked for another few years.

2. A thousand thanks to VCA for the Alldata PDF’s. Without them, the job would have been a mess. I would have dismantled much more of the door than was necessary. However, the PDF’s could have been better edited and detailed. The one step that is ultra-tricky is replacing the door handle, specifically lining up the lock rod with the slot on the new assembly. It’s not like disassembly, where you rotate away the latch assembly to disengage it from the handle. I’ll try to fill in the gap here (insert these steps after the PDF instructions that tell you to put the latch assembly into position and install ONE torx screw LOOSELY to hold it in place).

This all relates to the driver’s door btw.”

Door Lock Module Replacement Tips:
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Graham Humphrey says:

Require details of how to remove and replace drivers exterior door handle

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