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Troubleshoot A Dead Volvo 5-cyl Engine

Let’s talk Dead Volvo 5-cyl Engine

precopster wrote: 

“Well I did the unthinkable & purchased a 99 v70 NA with around 155 k miles and a suspected blown head gasket/seized engine.

Brought her home after she had been sitting around for about a year. The owner knew that the throttle bodies were a problem but used to clean it and it was behaving when he last drove it. He said it overheated one day (cause unknown) and when he towed it back it was “seized”.

Had a quick look at her today. Battery was DEAD. Engine turns but sounds as though there’s no compression at all. Timing marks appear OK. I tested for fuel at the rail and it’s there. Coil pack 1 produced spark, then I dropped a capful of engine oil through the spark plug holes 1 & 2, hooked up a compression guage to cyls 1 & 2 to find ZERO.

I know there was some procedure about not allowing DTCs to be set while compression testing. It looks as though I may have set a DTC because I have LOST SPARK after compression testing 1 & 2, but I don’t have a scanner yet, only a Vol-FCR one which does up to ’98 years. Any suggestions on purchase of the right scanner for my car would be great.

Does it sound reasonable that compression testing THE WRONG WAY will kill spark?”

Tips on Finding the Problem on White Engines

  • Pull the head and inspect before doing any other plotting and planning.
  • If the problem were to be rusty or stuck valves then the fix is easy.
  • The cam sensor is different on Denso with different reluctor and the cam I believe to different on rear where the Denso reluctor mounts.
  • You can’t run CVVT unplugged, the cam will still vary a bit.

Testing procedures on Volvo 5-cyl engines

Dead Volvo 5-cyl Engine

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Shelly Beitel says:

I have a Volvo 5 cyl S 70 conv with 116,000 miles. It recently started to burn water as there is occasional white smoke from exhaust and radiator gets drained.. I dont see leaks so am assuming its a head gasket. I have done engine work in the past and have some tools. Do u think this is the problem and could an amateur could change the head gasket. Are there any SPECIAL tools needed… any help would be appreciated

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