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Downloadable Window Stickers

Volvo is offering you the chance to download your car’s window sticker if you don’t have it. You have to offer them $20 for it. The download is a PDF file, so you’ll have to print it out if you want the “real thing”.

Like all new Volvo stuff, I’m torn. No pun intended.

Volvo 164 window sticker
Volvo 164 window sticker

I’m torn about the cost of their cars today. I’m torn about the potential problems of say the T8 models, which are not only turbocharged and supercharged, but also electric. What could go wrong?

In defense of the T8 models, they’ve been plying our streets here in the US since 2016, and I haven’t heard much about them in the MVS Volvo Forums, which contain every Volvo problem (and solution) you can think of.

Also, things like $723 – $1,802 tire and wheel protection plans. Do we really need these?

See more Volvo protection plans here. Yes, there are many:

So Is A New Window Sticker Worth $20?

So back to the downloadable window sticker PDF. Like everything, it’d be nice if it was free. I mean, you did buy a $40k+ car from them, right? On the other hand, a fee keeps people from gaming their system to get a document of a car they never owned, and it keeps people from overloading the server (I’m a tech guy, I think of these things).

Is it worth $20? Sure, I think it is. If you’re missing yours, I think this is a pretty cool way to sorta replace it. And of all the car brands out there, Volvo owners’ affinity for their car is at or near the top. People hang onto their Volvos.

Volvo window stickers – how to get one

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