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Energy Suspension Anti-Sway Bar Bushings


Sway bar bushings groaning and creaking? Here’s an elegant solution: Energy Suspension Anti-Sway Bar Bushings. Neil (scot850) dives into the (very small) world of greasable sway bar bushings, sharing with us what he bought and why he bought it.

Background & Initial Observations

Some time ago I recall someone here telling me that IPD bushings for their anti-sway bar bushings were fine, and that using Energy Suspension bushings with a grease nipple was pointless as the nipple could not be accessed after installation.

As I am killing time waiting for delayed parts to complete the rear end re-build, I decided to finally get around to swapping out the IPD anti-sway bar bushings on the front bar.

I will not say for sure that these are the cause of the graunching/groaning I get from the front suspension, but after reading elsewhere that the fix was to use Energy suspension 1″ greasable bushings I decided to give them a shot. Having already re-grease the ‘New’ IPD bushings multiple times (requires removing them and they suggest to do this every 6 months) I never got more than 200km before the noise returned.

Well, I have now replaced them with Energy Suspension items, but will have to wait to see it there is an improvement.

What I did find was that like the back bar, the bushings are fitted over powder coating, which rubs off and then allows the bar to rust under the bushings. What I thought was a knurled finish was actually rust. I have now cleaned this off and put the new bushings in.

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2000 V70R – IPD/Energy Suspension anti-sway bar bushings

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