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Classic PNP Switch Shifting Fix


MVS forum member JM has a potential PNP switch shifting issue with his 1995 Volvo 850. It won’t shift out of first gear when the car is cold. In this Volvo Forum post, he is calling upon other members to help come to the rescue. If you’re in the know on this subject, please take a moment to offer up some advice.

MVS Forums member JM has a question:

Need some help:
My 1995 850 T will not shift out of first when the car is cold. I am told i need a new transmission?

MVS Forums member luketrash answers:

It’s funny to see this thread bumped after this long.. It’s the same problem I’m having with my 850 in the cold weather.. Last week in the ‘mildly cold’ weather I got the issue where the car shifts into 3rd with a flashing orange arrow on the dash.

And now that it’s very cold 10F the car doesn’t want to shift out of 1st gear. I fix the problem by shifting into 3rd and back into drive. I’m sure it’s the PNP switch, but I’m too lazy and cheap to put in a new one right now.. I refuse to work on the car when it’s this cold outside too.

But I’m ALSO interested in hearing how you all are aligning the PNP switch without the alignment tool.

It’s funny how if you own a specific car, the most important thing to do is find a specific message board, because many people have the same exact problems. Can you imagine taking your car into AAMCO or even your local Euro mechanic? They’d both probably tell you that you needed a new transmission.


Classic PNP Switch Shifting Fix


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tom singer says:

how hard is it to replace this swich what should i pay for it to be replace how do i know if this is the problem should i use a junkyard part

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