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Front Corner Volvo Lens / Bulb Replacement

volvo lens

How to replace your volvo lens and bulb.

The headlight of your vehicle will provide the much-needed lighting output with the help of a sturdy Volvo lens. When the Volvo lens is already faded or damaged after a collision or due to exposure to harsh weather and road elements, it must be replaced with a part that offers the same level of quality to ensure that the headlight will continue to emit clear beams. One of the best options would be an APA/URO Parts headlight lens. This lens is made using high-grade materials to ensure durability.

MVS Forum Member vegasjetskier says:

Broken Cornering Volvo lens? Bulb out? Here’s how to fix it.

Open the hood and locate the slot to insert the srewdriver to release the light.
Insert the screwdriver in the slot and press down GENTLY on the plastic locking tab. If you press too hard, you will break the tab off (don’t ask me how I know!), not an issue if you are replacing the light, but bad news if you’re just replacing the bulb.

MVS Forum Member MadeInJapan replied:

Done! Now in the repair database for S80’s!

MVS Forum Member trekking says:

The plastic locking tab tends to break, even without being touched. The effect is an S80 with one (or two) cornering light hanging out of the body on about 20 cm of wires. The wires are indeed strong, you don’t loose the lights even at highway speeds.

It could look really funny for the others, you notice it from the sould of their horns 😉 , but it is quite scary when you notice it on your own car 🙁

Fixes are to replace it; to glue it in somehow; or to drill a vertical whole near the broken tab and fix it in position with some small rod.

MVS Forum Member DanV asks:

This worked for my 2005 S80 also, same procedure, but I am having a problem getting the new replacement Volvo lens to lock in place (I am replacing a broken lens, complete with new bulb). The old Volvo lens came out easily, but despite my best attempts the new Volvo lens refuses to click in, although it stays in place by simple friction. The tabs on both the old and new lenses appear identical, so maybe I just need to push harder? I have given it a strong shove with the palm of my hand, but it just pops back out maybe 1/4″ beyond the neighboring headlight. Any ideas?

Front Corner Lens &/or Bulb Replacent

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philip williams says:

pleas tell me how on a 2000s40 volve how i can re attach the reflecters that are in side the frount head lights if poss with out removing the whole light ( i was hopeing to just remove the glass and push it back ( is this possable )

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