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S80 Front Brake Disc and Pad Replacement

volvo brake disc

How to replace your volvo brake disc and pads.

A disc brake is a type of brake that uses calipers to squeeze pairs of pads against a disc in order to create friction that retards the rotation of a shaft, such as a vehicle axle, either to reduce its rotational speed or to hold it stationary. The energy of motion is converted into waste heat which must be dispersed. Hydraulic disc brakes are the most commonly used form of brake for motor vehicles but the principles of a disc brake are applicable to almost any rotating shaft.

MVS Forum Member vegasjetskier says:

Here’s how I changed the front brake disc and pads on my 2001 S80 T6. It has 76,000 miles. The pics reference the right front wheel, but the procedure is the same for the left front wheel.
I put the car in park, set the parking brake, and put chocks under the left side wheels. I loosened the lug bolts with a 3/4″ socket and a breaker bar. Then I used a floor jack under the front jack point to pick the car up just enough so the tire cleared the driveway. I then removed the lug bolts and the wheel.

A top view showing how worn the disc is. I’m assuming it’s original. The service limit is 25mm in thickness, according to Brembo. I’m sure this disc is at or below that. I used the “poor man’s piston compressor” (two screwdrivers) to push the piston back into the caliper all the way. This clearance is needed for the new pads to fit over the new disc. I applied constant, firm, outward pressure on both screwdriver handles until the piston was forced all the way back into the caliper.

MVS Forum Member vegasjetskier added:

After almost a year and a half and 12,000 miles (I know, I don’t drive very much) on the OEM replacement parts, I was getting severe brake shudder at freeway speeds and moderate shudder in around-town driving. Here at the coast everything corrodes very rapidly, so I decided it was time for some new parts. Since the OEM didn’t last long, I decided to try some aftermarket parts to see if they would do better.

Also, in the procedure in my first post above, I didn’t show removing the pins in the caliper to take the brake pads off. I’ll show that now. You’ll need a 7mm Allen (hex) bit to do it. When you get the pins out you will be able to clean and lube the caliper holder and caliper better. Also, if you’re just doing the pads and not the disc, you can just remove the pins to get to what you need to.

MVS Forum Member mvsuzr replied:

Excellent writeup!

Love the look of the new rotors. Do they stop better than the OEM?

On compressing the brake piston, I found that on other cars I’ve worked on, I’ve been able to get relatively cheap, adjustable length C clamp across the caliper, with the fixed end on the inside, over the caliper assembly (careful not to pinch the brake line or fitting) and the screw pad of the clamp on top of the outside brake pad / disc. As you gently tighten the clamp, the piston and the caliper assembly retracts. You can feel a sudden change in resistance when the piston bottoms. Remove the clamp and proceed on…

S80 Front Brake Disk and Pad Replacement

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Harry Thornburg says:

how do i change the front brake pads

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