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How to Heat Your Garage

Cold fingers keeping you out of your garage in the winter? Here is a discussion of electric vs. kerosene heating, plus thoughts on insulation.

Don’t wait to work on your Volvo because it’s cold out!

MVS Contributor BlackBart » 

Well I’ve finally done it. After all these years of fighting cold in my garage, projects stopping for the winter…. I have purchased an electric heater.

Comfort Zone brand, 5000w, 240v, 3 wattage settings, thermostat, hard-wired to a 30 amp breaker. Good reviews, and a builder friend has one in his shop and likes it.

Electrician shows up in a couple of weeks. I’m putting in more lights (warm color LED tubes) and outlets while we’re in the panel.

MVS Contributor Pete – » 

You will never regret having heat in that space. Even sheets of the pink rigid board insulation between the rafters would make a big difference. As budget allows, do your garage door first, if it isn’t already insulated. That thin metal does an excellent job of transferring heat outdoors & freezing cold indoors. Then do ceiling. Then walls. Garage door & ceiling will make the biggest difference in reducing your heat loss/heat up time.

They really are nice, the little electric heaters. Just be careful, pretty soon you’ll start thinking about sleeping in the garage. Adding a fridge (if you don’t already have one out there).

I wired in a 7.5kw 240v heater in one of our last place’s garage. It really didn’t cost that much to run. I only fired it up when I was working on cars/motorcycles though. Very simple 3 wire installation.

I forgot something. After we sold that place, I ran a little Monitor heater to heat my garage. It was a bit tinkersome, but once I got the kinks worked out it was flawless, so long as I ran decent fuel through it. The first winter I ran off road diesel through it & it did ok. The soy content up here in diesel, even in off-road, is ridiculously high, the sh!t is waxy. So you end up with clogged filters, carbon’d up holes in your burners, etc. Ended up running the Monitor on straight Jet-A, and then K1, which are both essentially ultra refined diesel. Anyhow, if you ever see a Monitor heater on CL for cheap or free, just get it regardless. They still are a major heat source in AK, if that tells you anything.

How to Make Your Garage Warm

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