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Volvo MAF Sensor Problem Solved

maf sensor

Still having MAF Sensor Problems? Read on!

MVS Forums member VolvoFreak’s Volvo 850 has been running pretty rough for the past two weeks so he called his mechanic. He said to make sure that the contacts for the MAF aren’t corroded. Here’s where it went:


The contacts seemed okay, so I gave the MAF a few good raps. The car ran fantastic for about 100 miles when I gave the MAF a few raps again and all was well once again. It’s not perfect, but when I tap the MAF sensor, it runs significantly better than before. Is this common? Is there a way to clean it out, loosen something up or do I need to drop the $200 on a new one? Does this make sense to everyone here?


There is a way to clean the MAF sensor. A dirty MAF sensor can cause rough running and even a check engine light on some cars. They become dirty over time and/or coated with oil residue, especially if you use an air filter with an oiled filter media. (K & N, etc.) How do you clean it? Take the sensor, the whole body and assembly after you have unplugged it, out of the air intake. With a bottle of CRC electronic cleaner, purchased at most hardware stores and Walmart, spray the sensor filament. Give it a good direct spray several times. This will dissolve any junk that has built up on it and dry very quickly. Be careful however as the filament is very fragile. DO NOT touch the filament and be careful the plastic spray tube doesn’t either. Reinstall and you done.

Maf Sensor problem Solved

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