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How to Remove/Clean Volvo SC-810 Radio

Changing the volume created a nasty crackling sound and even drop outs in the right channel. So I pulled out the radio (push in the 2 vertical “bars” on the lower left and right of the faceplate, handles will pop out, then just pull)…


Maintain your Volvo SC-810 Radio

Are you looking to remove and/or clean your volvo SC-810 radio? Take a look and see what the MVS Forum members are saying about the SC-810 Radio.

MVS Forum Member danw asks:

I have just bought an 850 t5 wagon. The radio on/off volume switch seems to be dirty (internally) I think, causing the right hand speakers to intermittently crackle and die. I am wondering how to remove the system so as to clean the switch or is there an easier way? any help would be much appreciated..

MVS Forum Member cocka adds:

I did the strip of paper thing by saturating the control with alcohol and inserting the strips in each slot and rotating the control, as it got dirty I just tore the end off and kept doing it until the paper was clean, I then gave it another good spray with the alcohol again and then gave it a really good going over with compressed air, good result. 😀 😀 😀

MVS Forum Member Medusalith asks:

I have a TD-603 Alpine i my 440glt/94 and it started to do that crackling sound once a radio station is recived in stereo mode, the volume also seems to have lost some volume potency, did that happen in your cases also or does my tuner deck may be in need a diffent fix?

How to Remove/Clean Volvo SC-810 Radio

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