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Pro Tip: How to Store a Car

How to Store a Car

How to Store a Car

MVS Volvo Forums Contributor mecheng documents his 2-year storage efforts of his 1998 S70:

After successfully storing a car for 2yrs with no issues, I can say bits and pieces of the info given is correct.

Yes, make sure you run the stabilizer through the engine and not just dump it in the gas tank. Do not drive it every week; if you are you are just wasting gas and not really storing it.

Disconnect the battery, and leave it. If you do drive it make sure it is not a short trip. Will do more harm. You don’t need to drive it anymore than once every 2 months; but you can also just leave it.

I drove it every 2 months or so to reduce possibility of tire flat spots, keep the brakes rust free and the suspension bushings okay.

If its outside, keep rodents at bay with mothballs and cover the exhaust pipe. Indoors is much better for the car.

1998 S70 T5M Storing Advice

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