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Remove/Install Third Row Seat – Volvo 850 Wagon

Remove/Install Third Row Seat

Longtime MVS Contributor Erik shows us in photos how to Remove/Install Third Row Seat – Volvo 850 Wagon. It’s not a technically difficult process, just follow these steps to remove or install your 3rd row seat and you’ll do fine.

I couldn’t find a good online guide for this job, there are some videos that are kinda a hassle and the really nice DIY from seems to have finally disappeared. So I carefully documented removal from my wrecked wagon. I also took some pics to help visualize the steps, not all of them are ideal but they help.

The majority of this job involves removing the seat belt by detaching at the three anchor points (1, 2 and 3 in pic) and the seat belt buckles (4 in pic):

Fig 1 seat open.jpg

Here is the procedure:
(1) Tilt rear (second row) seats forward so you can work in the cargo bay.

(2) Remove 3rd row seat belts. This requires several steps:
– Remove the plastic seat belt “vent” at the wheel well. It tilts up and toward the window like a hinge, and then lifts right out.

Fig 2 vent_1.JPG


Fig 2.5 vent_2.JPG


Fig 3 vent_4.JPG

– Under the “vent” insert, there is a silver bracket that couples together the two trim pieces. Remove the 2 screws (torx T25) and remove the bracket.

Fig 4 silver bracket T25s.JPG

– Detach seat belt anchor #1, at the roof: remove the 14 mm bolt (keep the thin, yellow nylon washers on the mounting bolts), and then the anchor drops through the hole in the trim.

Fig 4.5 belt_anchor_misc.jpg

– Remove the plastic trim “cap” near the middle (#2) seat belt attachment, where the second row seat latches in. The cap has a long thick tab behind it and is a minor PITA to remove. Lift out slightly on the rear trim edge, then rotate the cap toward the engine and slide it forward slightly as you turn, and the cap will pop out. This gives you access to the mounting bolt for the second seat belt anchor, at the wheel well.

VRD:Third row seat remove/install 850 wagon

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