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Drop a Fuel Tank in 30 Minutes

Car: V70 FWD NA 1998

  • I jacked the car up on left side and got about 1 foot clearance under rear, wheels on
  • I had previously drained tank to about 1 liter of fuel left.
  • Removed 5 M6 screws and removed Al plate over pump
  • Disconnect all electrical connectors going through plate and feed through
  • Levered off two slide fittings, then pop off two fuel lines.
  • (Note – if you are sensitive to fuel smell, do this last.)
  • Open fuel hatch – dig out the large (150mm radius) snap ring in the rubber grommet and free the grommet from the fill neck
  • Position jack under tank (not needed if empty)
  • Remove two M8 (14mm hex_ bolts from rear of each strap, tank drops
  • Release clip ‘organizer holding fuel and vapor lines
  • Remove clamp of vapor line heading forward and remove line (pliers work here, VW style clamp)
  • Pull tank and fill pipe back as unit.
  • Elapsed time 30 minutes not including draining. I drained by applying 12 Volts to the pump (red/black wires) T2 connector and running front fuel line into a gas can
How to drop fuel tank - it's out and disconnected
How to drop fuel tank - it's out and disconnected

Of course, you want to empty the fuel tank before doing this.

I was using a battery charger to deliver about 6 amps to the pump, and I filled a 5 gallon gas can in about 10 minutes, or 2 liters per minute flow.

Keep in mind the availability of new fuel tanks:

Drop a Fuel Tank in 30 Minutes
Drop the gas tank: FWD Volvos up to model year 2000

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