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July 2017 MVS Newsletter… Volvo News!

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mvs newsletter 2017 july - July 2017 MVS Newsletter... Volvo News!

Welcome to the July 2017 MVS Newsletter!

1. Electrifying News
2. Polestar HP Bump for New XC60
3. XC40 “Accidental” Reveal?
4. Volvo Seat in a Prius?
5. New Control Arms Installed… Pulls To Left Now
6. Is This The End
7. Rotors: What to Look For on Inspection
8. Great Story w/ Pix — 1965 Volvo 544
9. 6-Speed Manual Transmission Breaks on S40
10. FCP Euro Starts a Volvo Owners Club
11. QOTM

1. Volvo Electrifying All Models By 2019 – note this is not the same thing as making their cars and SUVs all-electric.

2. Polestar (Volvo factory performance division) will tune your 2018 XC60 to 421 hp. “In particular, the tuner ensured more torque is delivered mid-range to ensure accessible thrust is on tap for daily, spirited driving duties. The 8-speed automatic transmission also shifts quicker and holds a gear longer when cornering with high lateral g forces to maintain balance.” 

3. XC40 “accidental” reveal — the small SUV (CUV, more accurately) is coming soon, and it’s going to get a LOT of attention. It’s already started with this leak .

XC40 spied! XC40 revealed in a leaked photo.
XC40 spied! XC40 revealed in a leaked photo.

4. New member seany001 wants to put a Volvo seat in a Toyota Prius… and make the side airbag work. Yikes.

5. Longtime member azureblue kicks off a long thread about new control arms and their relationship to his 2001 V70 T5 pulling hard to the left

6. Is This The End for a S70? No, it’s Not!
Isn’t it great when a scare turns out to be less severe? 

7. Inspecting rotors – what to look for…

8. Wonderful old photos of Mike’s 1965 Volvo 544 that just went to the recycler. “It became my canvas over the next coupla years. On and off again. Between school and work. It was a daily driver, fun mobile and even climbed Mt. Washington!”

9. Ugh. 6-speed manual transmission pops loudly and breaks. Any advice for fellow member RHLee222?

10. New Northeast Volvo Owners Club sponsored by FCP Euro!

FCP Euro has started a new regional club – the Northeast Volvo Owners Club. The club is group of Volvo owners and enthusiasts of all ages who enjoy driving, owning, fixing, maintaining, and modifying their Volvos but most importantly having good time with other Volvo owners.

11. QOTM

“If you remove the seat the battery has to be disconnected and you can’t use the car. If the ignition is powered up, the SRS system will detect the missing seat and pop a code which you need VIDA, a higher end scanner, or a dealer tax of $150 to clear. Oh wait, CT? $250. ( just pulling your wallet, I mean, leg)” 

Want this delivered to your email inbox a day before it appears here? Subscribe to the MVS Newsletter.

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