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MVS Newsletter December 2017 Volvo News!

Enjoy the MVS Newsletter December 2017

In 2018: Volvo XC40 debut, car “subscriptions”, and six-figure Volvos. It’s going to be weird.

Happy New Year!

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Volvo News – December 2017 

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Looking back on 2017

Volvo continues to crank out 4-cylinder cars that live, breathe and thrive in the highly contested $40k-60k range. Led by the 2nd generation Volvo XC90 debut in 2014, the SPA platform cars — also including the Volvo V90 (2016), Volvo S90 (2016), Volvo V90 Cross Country (2016), and very new 2nd generation XC60 (2017) — are the heart of Volvo’s automotive direction today. The XC60 represents nearly a third of Volvo’s sales, and was difficult to get until late this year because of high demand.

How was your Volvo in 2017? Healthy? ill? Volvo owners’ retrospective thread.

Looking to 2018

Coming up on a spring availability is Volvo’s XC40, which is built on Volvo’s CMA platform. We at MVS believe this platform’s output will eventually rival SPA cars in sales volume. The small SUV (CUV) market is exploding, and Volvo’s XC40 and future offerings in this small class will be significant players in this segment.

Look for Volvo’s sales to stay on the march with a fantastic new lineup. The energy in Volvo right now is higher than any level in the last 15 years, perhaps highest since the 850 P80 platform domination in the 1990s.

Also look for a new ownership paradigm: Volvo’s subscription service they call “Care by Volvo”. This will be huge not just with Volvo models, but in the automotive industry. It’s the future of a large chunk of how we use cars.

Care by Volvo

At last November’s Los Angeles Auto Show, Volvo unveiled their new service Care by Volvo, the first nationwide car subscription program. While other manufacturers with similar services have opted for a slow introduction in limited markets, Volvo is going all-in, all-at-once with this potentially game-changing offering.

Volvo designed the service to simplify the car ownership experience. No longer do you need to worry about insurance, roadside assistance, maintenance, and repair – for $600/month they cover it all. The subscription lasts 24 months and includes 15,000 miles a year. Just like cell phone ‘upgrade’ programs, after 12 months subscribers can opt to change out their model and renew for another term.

While the new program probably won’t immediately change how we all purchase our vehicles, with the auto industry adopting new technologies at rapid fire pace, Care by Volvo is likely a precursor to what car ownership will look like – at least for some of us – in the future.

And Now, Regular MVS News

  • Just published: Volvo C30 page. This oddball car was endearing, short-lived, unique and fast. C30, we hardly knew you.
  • We raised nearly a thousand dollars for the MVS Moderator crew last month. Many thanks to you donors out there! Whoo!
  • Do you have a favorite performance app for measuring 0-60 and 1/4 mile times? Please share if you do.
  • T5M for sale in Indianapolis. If you’re a Volvo enthusiast, you know what “T5M” means. If not, find out :-).
  • June’s going to get a tried-and-true Volvo for her college-age daughter… a 2008 S60.
  • On the MVS Sponsor front, FCP has streamlined their lifetime warranty and continues to add good DIY Volvo videos to their YouTube channel.
  • Parts: Check out the Amazon automotive parts page which gets surprisingly (and nicely) Volvo specific.
  • In Crazy News™, the XC90 can crest six figures.

Coming Right Up: New Look n Feel

We’ve been busy bees. We’re nearly ready to launch the fifth version of the design/functionality MVS uses for the non-forum half of the site, about 1800 pages. Those pages include Home, Volvo Repair Database, the various Volvo car pages, and the 1700 or so DIYs in the world-famous Volvo Repair Database.

The new design will be a big improvement in information accessibility and organization, and of course user interface “Best Practices”. We think you’ll like it. We have a feeling it’s going to turn up information for you you never knew existed on MVS, or even existed. Mind: blown.

That’s it! See you next month, and thanks for being an MVS Newsletter subscriber.


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