No Turbo? No Problem.

Normally-Aspirated Volvo Owners, You've Got Choices

Normally-Aspirated Volvo Owners, You’ve Got Choices

Lucky of ARD tells us exactly what NA owners can do to make their Volvos faster, a topic which has been asked in Volvo Forums as long as there have been NA Volvos and forums.

This week I thought we’d take a fast forward into our Non turbo build that will be happening in the next few weeks. So many times non turbo owners jump on the forums and ask what they can do to improve performance and power and are met with the old stand by answer, “Sell it and buy a turbo”. While this advice may actually be well intentioned, and possibly the best option for a high powered build, there are still ways to improve the performance of these non turbo models. Our scheduled build is intended to be very approachable to the average owner with off the shelf parts and tuning of our 1995 Volvo 850. So let’s start by outlining the build and talk about what we can expect.

It’s Fast Friday #34.

Normally-Aspirated Volvo Owners, You’ve Got Choices

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