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Replace Right Front Volvo Motor Mount

volvo motor mount

Noticing a vibration? It may be coming from your Volvo Motor Mount.

The original rubber engine stabilizer volvo motor mount has proven to be a weak link that that can fail prematurely and allow the engine to rock and move during acceleration and braking, significantly affecting the handling and performance of the car. This volvo motor mount is located near the top of the engine on the backside just to the right of center, connecting the engine to the firewall. The original mount requires a special Volvo press tool for removal and installation.

Take a look at what one of our forum members had to say about his experience in dealing with his volvo motor mount. I recently started noticing a vibration through the steering wheel at idle, and just off idle. As I suspected, the right front (under the crank pulley, inboard of the pass. side wheel) motor mount had failed. If you haven’t done this one, you can tell if it’s failed by looking at the steel pin that rides in an oval slot. The pin should ride in the middle of the slot. If it’s on the bottom, the volvo motor mount has failed and that part of the engine has metal-to-metal contact with the subframe.

After removing the right wheel, remove the screw on the plastic wheel wheel liner and fold it back. You will see the mount under the pulley. Place a short piece of 2 X 4 under the oil pan near the oil filter and jack it up just enough to take up the slack, then remove the two vertical bolts that join the mount to the engine. Jack up the engine no more than 30 mm (according to the Haynes manual to prevent the CV joint from binding) and then remove the two other bolts that join the mount to the frame.

The right one of these bolts is a bit of a PITA. I found that with my limited assortment of ratchet extensions, I had to move the engine up and down a bit to be able to fit the socket in the small space. Anyway, it took about an hour start to finish, and besides a decrease in vibration, I noticed a significant improvement in the ride of the car over bumpy roads. My conclusion is that the old mount, which had totally failed, was allowing the engine to bounce on the frame a bit. Be sure to check the other volvo motor mount for failure as well.

Replace Right Front Motor Mount

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