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10K Mile Roadtrip – What to Bring?

Are You Ready For A 10K Mile Roadtrip?

I am planning a spring trip from RI to Alaska, returning by way of CA and the southern route. The trip will probably be close to 10K miles. I want to have on hand critical, show stopping devices that would be hard to come by without ordering and waiting for parts. My List so far includes a good set of tools, oil, oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, radiator hoses, coolant, cell phone, cap, rotor, plugs and wires and transmission fluid. This is a 98 V70, early model low-pressure turbo AWD.

What electrical/mechanical things are worth bringing along? Does this car have cam and crank sensors? Should I bring a spare Mass Air Flow sensor? Any other recommended hard parts I should consider?

98 V70 Travel Pac – perfect for your 10K Mile Roadtrip

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WacoVolvo says:

As far as the list is concerned, Mark Twain said that continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection. Rather than spending time making last minute decisions about the likelihood of each part or calculating the cost to lug the extra weight of wild card contingency parts, make a list of salvage yards or parts hubs along the way. Plan your trip to route around interesting pit stop locations and visit someone new if they have what you’ll need.
The journey is the destination. If you have to wait for a part, remember to Be, where ever you are. Take things you may want to share with your new friends. Happy Trails !

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