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S60 Inside Door Handle Fix

MVS member ppitts’ 2001 S60 has a interior drivers side door handle that keeps popping its anchor off of the handle (actuator). Is the only solution a $450 new panel? No!

I have a 2001 S60 that needs a new interior drivers side door handle. The actuator keep jumping out of the groove in the handle. I have taken the panel off and re-set it several times, but if you open it the wrong way- it pops right back out. Called to check on replacement handle mechanism and was told that I will have to replace the whole door panel- $450.00. Seems crazy- just wondering if I’m being jerked around.

MVS member Lukas718:

I had the same problem with my S60.

I thought I will have to replace the whole panel too but after while I found out that door release line pops out only because the door handle looks uneven. If you gain access to your door handle you will see that it is hold with bolt and that bolt has tendency to come out from its holes so at the end only one bolt side is in and the other one is out. That creates uneven pressure on the door handle when you pulling and release line pops out.

So to solve that problem you have to strip your door panel to gain access to door handle and check that silver bolt that holds it. Once I did that problem went way but in the past I did take down my door 10s of times. Also to strengthen that release line I added thin metal plate on the top of the mount/clip (that’s where you mount your release line into door panel).

MVS member seventy1:

Wanted to update this old thread with a fix I made to my door handle. The locking tabs on the back of the indoor release handle housing were fatigued and weren’t gripping the latch cable end tightly. So, I made a simple aluminum “C” clip to hold the lock tabs engaged and epoxied it over the tabs. I also bent about 1 mm of the corners down so they bit into the plastic. So far, so good. Try this if you find the same problem.


S60 – Door Handle- Really? Replace the whole panel?

See how to fix the inside door handle on XC90 Volvos. It’s similar, but tailored to XC90s and particularly on the removing XC90 inner door panels.

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