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S70 V70 Tune Up Items

volvo tune up items

Looking for tune up items for your S70 or V70?

Better fuel economy and increased performance are two of the immediate results you’ll witness after adding tune up items your Volvo. It pays to give your Volvo a fresh tune-up after 30K miles.
Refresh the power house of your Volvo with this all inclusive Tune Up Kit. These tune up items have everything you’ll need to restore your Volvo’s power and efficiency including spark plugs, ignition wires, a distributor cap, a distributor rotor, and an air filter. If you’re experiencing a loss of power, rough idle, misfiring, or poor gas mileage then these tune up items are for you.

MVS Forum Member jderevj asks:

Help? I’m doing a 60K mile tune-up: does my 1999 S70 have a distributor cap and rotor? Can you tell me where the PCV filter is located? Would the “flame trap” be the same as the PCV filter? I am familiar with much older Volvos. How are the timing and the idle adjusted? Thank you, John in Calif.

MVS Forum member Another Guest adds:

Its distributorless and has coil-packs. Plugs are still easy to change. If its a turbo there is no flame-trap. The PCV can is under the intake manifold and is almost impossible to get to IMO.

Usually timing and idle adjust themselves unless something is wrong. When something is wrong you will usually get a Check engine Light.

Consider doing the fuel filter, plugs, air filter, cabin filter and having the Throttle Body cleaned by someone familiar with the Volvo TB issues. The 99 Timing belt isn’t due until 105K I think.

S70 V70 Tune Up Items

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