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Dealing with Speed Sensor Connectors

volvo speed sensor connector

Troubleshooting speed sensor connectors.

The vehicle speed sensor counts the revolutions of the transmission output shaft. For a given vehicle, the Transmission Control Module considers a certain number of revolutions to equal a mile. A defective speed sensor can either set off the “S” light or fail to engage the cruise control, which also can affect other system controls. The result is that the TCU thinks the vehicle is running at zero speed from what it’s actually doing. The first thing you notice is an intermittent speedo reading then followed by a transmission error code after decellerating from a moderately high speed. The error codes will reset after every ignition off/on cycle.

MVS Forum Member ancv asks:

Okay went and did it by the book (chiltons) and I still could not get it to clear. Turned the car off and tried again…no luck. Am I doing something wrong?

323-someone suggested engine speed sensor–could that make the arrow flash?


MVS Forum Member rnkanator replied:

1. keys are in, and on II in the ignition (car not running)
2. jumper in socket A1
3. push black button for 1 sec
4. count led lights as the cycle through
5. push black button 1 sec again to read next code
6. check until a code repeats (all codes read)
7. now do the push for 6-7 sec, release, push 6-7 sec
8. push button 1 sec release
9. code 1-1-1 should now come up

all codes must be read for them to clear, if you turn your car on and are still getting a dash signal your problem may still be present

Hope this clears things up . . .

MVS Forum Member ancv replied:

Nope didn’t work. 323 engine speed sensor, is that the same thing as throttle position sensor?

where is speed sensor located on the car?

Thanks for putting up with all my questions,

MVS Forum Member MadeInJapan added:

No, it’s not the same…actually there is a transmission speed sensor which causes the engine to run at different speeds as well as a Vehicle Speed Sensor.

Dealing with Speed Sensor Connectors

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