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Project: Sticky Automatic Shifter? Here’s Your Cheap Fix.

This tutorial offers great photos for fixing the sticky automatic shifter.

aloggia » Hello. I’ve got a 1998 v70 xc – Automatic transmission. The button on the gear shifter tends to stick in warm weather so when I put the car in Park, I find myself prying it out with my fingers. It always comes out but it’s an annoyance. I imagine something needs to get lubricated and/or cleaned. I had a Chilton’s type manual for the car but I can’t for the life of me find it. It was actually for the 850 but effectively it was the same thing. I’ve looked around here and can not find it.

Could someone either:
1. Point me in the direction of this?
2. Or, give me some advice on how to fix this? Do I have to take the shifter handle off?


The Shifter Fix

 anjill182 » I’ve had my 1998 V70 XC for a little over a year now and this site has been great. Time for me to give a little back. I had the sticky shifter problem , broken button, and I just could not see spending $38 on a replacement button. Off to the local pick and pull. Seems like all, or most, of the buttons on the 70 series cars were also broken. Guess what? The buttons on the 850’s and some other vehicles are the same. The only difference is the plastic is black. The black buttons don’t seem to be as prone to breaking. If you don’t mind using a black button instead of a gray one (you can’t really see it anyway), get a black one and replace your broken gray one. Remove the shifter knob so you can see what’s going on.

1. Gently pry the top of the button out


2. Pull the button straight up and out.


3. On the new button, line up the pin on the edge of the plastic as shown.


4. Insert the button with the pin in the top slot and snap the bottom in.


5. Put the spring wire bacK in its place.


6. Push the button back in.


7. Looks good.

8.Re-install knob.

After you do one, others are easy. I replaced the on in my son’s 2000 S40 in about 2 minutes. I hope this helps someone. Good luck!

1998 v70 xc – Automatic trans – button on shifter sticking

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1996 Volvo 960……Ride trans mode switch. Error lite (arrow) on dash. “W” button will not latch down. Is this repairable? Not a mechanic so afraid to open it up to see why? Thank you.

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